Dear Sir, Madam or Mx.,

I hope you find respite from terrible writing, half-baked ideas and ill-disguised vitriol in this space. I hope it’s clear and refreshing. I hope you laugh at my roasts, and I hope my more thoughtful unsolicited revisions build bridges.

If you are here because I “fixed” your blog, well shucks. Small world, isn’t it? This is awkward. Well, hey: feel free to leave in disgust, or engage with me, preferably with civility. We all have our space in the blogosphere. In yours, you have loved ones, supporters, fans and haters. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve written, and whether or not you’ve revised your opinions, I see you. I have been told I look like Anna Kendrick,* so allow me to borrow a musical phrase from one of her roles:

Someone is on your side, someone else is not. While we’re seeing our side, maybe we forgot they are not alone. No one is alone. 

I don’t know you, but I do know you’re not alone. It’s not easy to persuade the masses. Chances are, you’ve persuaded some and repulsed others, just like me. I tend to believe most people have good, brave, kind and loving hearts. I am definitely wrong about that, but I still believe it. Don’t let me discourage you from writing; if anything, let me encourage you.



*as far as the Internet’s concerned, this didn’t happen, because I’m not posting pics


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